Historic House

In 1895, Boise Guest House was built as a grand, elegant and spacious single-family home in the heart of the original Boise City land division, just blocks away from the blossoming brick-lined downtown, and ten years before the start of construction on the marble-lined state capitol building.

The home stood as a turn-of-the-century domestic landmark until the 1950s, when Saint Alphonsus, a Boise hospital then located only a block away, converted the building into living quarters for nurses. Later, the house was divided into six apartments. Over time, following years of neglect, the house sadly became ran down.

In 2007, the Bergren family purchased the property. With a tradition of boarding houses running deep in the family blood, the new owners infused it with a renewed sense of history and vision. Maintaining the apartment layout of the building, they replaced the plumbing and electrical underbelly. Carol Bergren and her daughter Eve-Marie Bergren then went to work, drawing on their background in art and the collaborative efforts of local interior designer Jenicee Woodard of Flaire Furniture helped furnish the interior.

Hospitality, comfort and providing a warm place to land are enduring aspects of the Bergren legacy. Eve-Marie’s great grandfather, Will Paddock, grew up in a boarding house ran by his single mother. Carol’s mother, Agnes, invited many people in transition into the warm embrace of her personality and the hospitality of her home throughout her 98 years of life. It is in her honor that we opened the Boise Guest House.