We’re a hands-off accommodation. We value your privacy while you are staying with us, and have designed a lodging experience around that concept. You have your own little space to yourself for the duration of your stay. Our housekeepers are here to help you every day from 11 am to 3 pm with anything from renting a bike to bringing you fresh linens, and our operations manager is on call and only blocks away. If you need anything, please contact us.

The Boise Guest House has a self check-in process and no formal front desk. We require a prepayment for all stays at the Boise Guest House.  Your prepayment guarantees your stay in a particular suite. In certain circumstances we may ask to upgrade your stay to accommodate a longer stay for another guest.  We require a credit card (not a debit) at the time of booking. We may additionally place a $200 deposit on your card in advance of your stay for a damage deposit.

Check in & Check out
Self check-in info will be given to you upon booking. Check in time is 3 pm. Check out time is 11 am. If you stretch out your stay beyond this time, please do note that a $25 per hour fee applies. Please leave your key in the front desk where you collected it and the door locked behind you. Please remove any food-related or cooking refuse when you leave and we will clean the rest.

All stays are prepaid due to the self check-in policy and the unique sizes of our rooms. In the event of a cancellation, we will  retain a 10% processing fee that includes merchant refunding fees. Inside of two weeks, we will refund 50% of your stay, unless we are able to rebook the suite. Within 48 hours, we do not offer a refund unless we rebook the suite. In the event we can rebook your suite, we will still retain a 10% processing fee. Please note that reservations booked for Thanksgiving, Christmas and whole house reservations will be charged a cancellation fee of 25% due to the difficult nature of rebooking these dates, as travelers plan their holiday vacations months in advance.

Off-site parking is free for our guests. We have seven off-street parking spaces designated for our guests. Please enter the parking lot from 5th street so that everyone is parked at the same angle. The Boise Guest House is not responsible for your vehicle; please lock your car and bring your valuables inside.

Dogs are allowed under certain circumstances in our pet-friendly suites. Pet friendly suites are Story Suite, Travel Suite and Treetop Suite. Guests must get permission from Boise Guest House in advance. Dogs are $50 for the duration of your stay, and you may prepay this fee in our online booking section.

Forget Something?
We have a few items in case you forgot something major to get you through the night. The bureau in the main entrance to the building has various items for your comfort such as a hair dryer, soaps, lotions, shampoos and conditioners, unopened toothbrushes, first aid, etc.

Backyard Garden
The garden is a public place for our visitor’s use, including a barbecue and a picnic table. We do not provide charcoal and lighter fluid, but occasionally guests leave some in the basement when they are done entertaining. Enjoy!

Recycling & Garbage
We definitely support reuse and recycling at the Boise Guest House and encourage our guests to separate their garbage. Boise provides one container recycling in the blue container at the end of the parking lot; please see this list of City-accepted recyclable items. If you would prefer, please leave glass and other recyclables in the reusable bag under the sink and housekeeping will dispose of them in the correct containers.

Cable TV & Internet Access
We have free wi-fi and cable tv. The special access code for the wireless internet will be listed in your welcome packet when you check in.  If you prefer, we also have ethernet cables for a better connection. We provide general cable tv, but have noticed that most of our travelers bring their own laptops for movies. There is a DVD player in each suite.

Extra Pillows & Blankets
We store extra pillows in the baskets under the table on the stairway landing. We have stocked a variety of pillows in the rooms for various comfort levels. Occasionally, we also store extra pillows in the closets and dresser drawers. There is a quilted blanket on each bed as well as a down comforter. If you have any special needs pertaining to bedding, please let management know so that we can make your stay comfortable.

Heating & Cooling
All of our suites have seasonal air conditioning units and baseboard heaters. Please be aware of bedding near the baseboard heaters. In an effort to be an environmentally friendly business, we have turned off the heat/ac before you arrived (under mild conditions). Please conserve energy by leaving your air conditioners or heaters on low when you leave the space; the rooms will heat up and cool down very quickly due to their small size! We also have fans upon request.

Housekeeping & Cleaning Supplies
Housekeeping services can be arranged for daily or weekly service for an extra cost. If you would like to clean your own space, there are various cleaning supplies in the upstairs red bureau for your convenience including extra paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning rags, all-purpose cleaner, etc. We provide cloth kitchen towels for drying dishes that can be set out with the linens at the end of the week. As per your request, we can also arrange to set out brooms and vacuums.

Laundry facilities are located in the basement, at the back of the facility. You can get there by walking towards the back of the parking lot and entering through the gate. The keycode you used to get into the building will correspond with the basement access. We have a washer and dryer available for your convenience and use prior to 11:00 a.m.

Ironing boards and an iron are in each room for your convenience. Please ask management for more towels and sheets as needed, and we will be happy to bring them to your room. If you are a long-term guest of more than 10 days, we provide fresh towels, sheets and kitchen towels on Fridays. Please put your dirty sheets and towels out in the blue bag provided with the clean sheets and towels, and we will send the linens out to be cleaned.

If you would like your personal laundry sent out with the sheets, we can arrange to have any clothing items taken in on Mondays and delivered Fridays.

Management & Emergencies
If you have any after-hours questions, suggestions or ideas, please contact us. The smartphone-wielding operations manager is just down the street and can help with lockouts, internet connections and more. In the rare instance the electricity goes out at the Boise Guest House, we have flashlights in the main hall black bureau or under the sink in each unit. Fire escape ladders are in the closets in the two upstairs bedrooms.

Thank you in advance for your care of the historic Boise Guest House. We acknowledge the difference between daily wear and tear and gross negligence. The Boise Guest House retains the right to charge our guests for any extensive damage to our suites. Please be responsible with our space and furnishings as you would to your own home. Please be especially mindful of our fragile antiquated sewer system, and refrain from flushing anything like baby wipes, makeup removers or feminine products down the toilet.

There is no smoking in the rooms or at the facility. Smoking at the Boise Guest House will result in a minimum $250 damage fee.