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Size your stay to fit your style, your family, your budget—and your vacation time. Daily, weekly and monthly rates available. Even if your visit is all business, enjoy the comforts of home, while being in the center of the vibrant cultural and economic action in Boise.
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No. 1 — Animal Trophy Suite

Allergen Free – No Pets
From $109 per night

No. 2 — Story Suite

Pet Friendly
From $109 per night

No. 3 — Travel Suite

2BR/1BA (SLEEPS 4-5)
Pet Friendly
From $189 per night

No. 4 — Nature Suite

Allergen Free – No Pets
From $119 per night

No. 5 — Attic Suite

Allergen Free – No Pets
1-2 From $149 per night
3-4 From $169 per night

No. 6 — Treetop Suite

1BR/1BA (SLEEPS 2-3)
Pet Friendly
From $149 per night (Fri-Sat)

Additional Rate Information

Monthly Stays
Monthly stays are available from November through April. Prices range from $1500 to $2500 based on Suite and availability. Please contact us to inquire about Boise Guest House monthly stays. Prices are seasonal and based on availability.
Transform Boise Guest House into a private and amenity-rich residence for your exclusive event, and book the entire place (far in advance, of course). Group rates for the entire facility are the total nightly cost plus 13% taxes. This must be prepaid in advance, and a 50 percent cancellation fee applies within one month of event date. No refunds within 2 weeks of the event.
We do offer some government discounts and multiple-night stays. Please call us at (208) 761-6798 or use the Contact Form to inquire about Boise Guest House discounts.
Check In, Check Out
Boise Guest House gives you a vacation on your terms, from landing to take off. After you book with us, you’ll receive check-in info to get you relaxing in your suite, easy style. Check in time is 3 pm. Check out time is 11 am. If you stretch out your stay beyond this time, please do note that a $25 per hour fee applies.